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Finlawportal is a knowledge portal on financial laws.

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This is an informative website where we aim to offer quality content to our readers. It seeks to serve as a great source of content for anyone in the legal, secretarial, or financial sector.

The objective of our blog section is to acquaint our readers with the basic concepts used in the interpretation of various laws. We strive to discuss several compliances needed in the field of law as well as legal insights on the application of different Acts/statutes. The aim is to develop skills of analysis and evaluation and to build awareness of current updates or major contemporary issues that keep emerging in the area of financial laws.

To impart knowledge of the principles, sections, and practices of law and help learners develop skills for understanding, we try to discuss relevant topics with their comprehensive coverage. We also try to address many case laws and judicial decisions relating to different Acts.

An attempt is also made to equip you with any latest amendments or changes in various legislations applicable to companies. Companies need to follow many compliances to meet the requirements of stakeholders as well as governing bodies. Thus, we also try to throw some light on them.

Further, we present differences between commonly related terms. We are progressively focused on bringing insightful information in front of you (by incorporating data and research) on different topics including company law, strategic cost management, auditing & assurance, managerial accounting, financial analysis, and other allied topics.

The purpose is to produce content that improves learning and engages audiences by solving their queries.

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The website is run by Ms. Ruchi Gandhi.

Learning is an ongoing process. Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn, and you will.”

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